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Special event security

Flint Security offers armed protection services for fashion, sports and special events hosted by companies or individuals in New York City metro area. Whether you are hosting a charity event at your house in Greenwich, CT or managing a fashion show in Manhattan during New York Fashion Week, we can help you with private armed security so you don’t have to worry about safety of your guests and your assets. Our armed security guards specialize in threat assessment and prevention meaning that Flint Security will plan and map out all the necessary measures in advance to ensure your event goes smoothly.

You should consider hiring an armed security guard especially if it will be attended by high profile executives or public figures. We can assist on various private and public events and wide range of fields and industries, for example:

  • auctions

  • fashion shows and presentations

  • charity and fundraising events

  • art gallery openings

  • award ceremonies

  • celebrity appearances etc.

In today’s uncertain times it is important to have the highest level of security possible for your event. Our armed guards can help you with that as they have been fully trained in detecting potential threats, preventing criminal activities and handling event-disrupting situations quickly, discreetly and professionally. At the same time they are always polite, attentive and courteous to your event attendees and staff. Depending on your needs, Flint Security can have someone at the door at the start and end of the event to establish strong security presence, have foot patrol throughout the site to discreetly monitor the crowd during the event or organize the surveillance post backstage.

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