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Fashion show security service NYC

Flint Security will provide security guard services for your fashion show in NYC, event or escort your product to and from the desired destination. We’ve successfully secured and escorted high value items like fine jewelry and watches to events, photo shoots and presentations. Armed guard escort and transportation is the best solution for your brand and our dedicated, trained and professional team of ex-law enforcement officers will secure your product during your show or event and ensure every escort or transport is handled discreetly so you have one less thing to worry about.

Flint Security specializes in the security guard event management and has provided security services for fashion events, fashion shows (NYFW) and fashion photo shoots in New York City. Our staff is highly trained to ensure the level of service needed to keep up with the face of the brand and to keep your high profile guests safe.

Feel free to call Flint Security now to get a quote and get the best service for armed guard escort for your product in New York or security guards for your fashion event today.

Flint Security guarantees that all members of our staff have been trained in:

  • personal protection techniques

  • securing locations and identifying vulnerabilities to the client

  • assessing the surroundings and possible risks before they become immediate threats

  • identifying warning signs

  • mapping escape routes and exits if necessary

  • responding to immediate threats with the appropriate level of force

  • advising the client on potential risk strategies to reduce the possibility of danger

Our clients include finance and entertainment business executives, celebrities and their family members, politicians and public figures.

High profile business executives who might be a target for violence, kidnapping, assault, blackmail or any other form of threats need to consider having an armed bodyguard escort at all times – whether commuting to and from work, going on business trips or having a day off in the city with family.

Celebrities including actors, musicians, TV hosts etc. often seek an armed bodyguard protection because this is the only option of staying safe from violent actions of stalkers, paparazzi or fans.

Politicians and public figures who are well recognized by people need to consider having extra security when travelling and appearing in public and large crowds too.