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Residential building security

Flint Security offers armed protection for residential buildings and gated communities in New York. If you are a building manager and you would like to provide your residents with a safe environment 24/7 and the highest security level possible, then you need to consider having an armed guard at your facility. If you are a homeowner and there has been a threat to you or your family, we can help you to sleep better at night too.

We will tailor our armed guard services to suit your situation and we’ll help you to decide what kind of residential and home security service will work best for you. We offer anything from armed security foot patrol for a single home to mobil armed security guard for a gated residential community.

When you hire Flint Security to protect your home or residential building, you will get:

  • fully trained in residential protection off-duty or retired law enforcement officer with firearm permit

  • safety policy and procedures designed specifically for your residential site

  • preventive patrol (foot and mobil)

  • quick response should any disturbance occur like noise complaint, theft, burglary, robbery, assault, sexual assault, domestic violence, trespassing etc.

  • daily reporting from your armed security guard

  • effective professional relationship with local law enforcement

Flint Security residential guards not just “observe and report”, they take appropriate actions to ensure safety of your residents and your site. Contact us today by phone or online to find out how we can help to secure your home.