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Personal armed security New York (NY)

Flint Security is a New York City (NYC) based security assessment, planning, coordination and management company for corporate and residential facilities, schools and high profile individuals.

We specialize in providing high profile clients with armed security guards and driving services. Our staff is fully trained in personal protection, threat assessment and recognition and we take great pride in always being attentive to our client’s personal needs and always being vigilant while on duty. At Flint Security we take a personalized approach to you or your institution’s protection.
  • Fully trained staff
  • 24/7 service
  • 100% confidential
  • Off duty & retired law enforcement officers
  • Fully insured and bonded
  • Licensed by the State of New York
  • Free quote & assessment
  • Competitive rates & no commitment

Clients & Testimonials

What is the benefit of armed security guards?

All our guards have been in real world emergency situations, and they take that experience and knowledge to provide you with the best quality security service. Just the fact of having someone by your side with a firearm keeps individuals with violent and criminal intentions away and it also means that you will be safe and protected should a life threatening situation occur.

My schedule changes a lot, can I still hire you?

Yes, we can offer you a flexible schedule and we pride ourselves in tailoring our services to suit your needs. If you need an armed bodyguard just for a day or special event, we can always accommodate your request.

How fast can you provide an armed security guard?

In most situations we can have someone at your service in 24 hours, call us to find out if we can help you sooner as it depends on our workload.

How does your billing work?

We bill on an hourly basis, the rate per hour is final and it includes administrative fees, taxes, payroll processing, account management etc.

Can your armed guards travel outside of NYS?

Yes, we can provide you with an armed security guard even if you are traveling outside of the New York State area. Call us to find out more details.

How confidential are your guards?

All our armed security guards sign a confidentiality agreement and we guarantee that your privacy will never be compromised. We understand that our clients trust us with their life and safety, which sometimes include very personal aspects, and we are doing everything to maintain that trusting relationship.


More about us

Who we are

Flint Security was founded by a former NYPD detective, who served in anti-crime unit for years and has vast experience in personal protection. Being a native New Yorker, he knows the complexities of the city and how it is important to assess the environment and potential risks & identify the threat and vulnerabilities. Flint Securities has quickly become a widely trusted armed security agency in New York and is ready to serve you as well.

Why choose us

Our specialization in armed security services allows us to be reliable, trustworthy and your only go-to agency in New York for private armed protection for your home, business and family. Your armed security will be provided by off-duty and retired law enforcement officers only, who have been fully trained in personal protection. It means that you get the highest security level possible. Contact us to get your free quote today.

Work with us

Are you looking for armed security jobs in New York area? We are the fastest growing personal security guard agency in NYC and we are always looking for off-duty and retired law enforcement officers for part-time or full-time employment. New York State Security Guard License and Concealed Carry Permit is required or we can consult you on getting all the necessary permits. Please submit your resume on our employment page and we’ll get back to you.

Questions & answers

If you have any questions for Flint Security please submit them through the contact form and we will get back to you within one business day or simply give us a call. Some answers to frequently asked questions like “How much does a personal armed security guard cost?”, “How does private armed driving service work?”, “How many armed guards do I need for an event?” etc. – can be found on our Q&A page.

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