What does an armed security guard do?

The responsibilities of our armed security guards depend on your needs and it does not always include the use of a firearm. In most cases they patrol business and residential facilities and their surroundings, protect people, prevent any criminal actions from happening and take appropriate actions when they do happen. The difference between armed and unarmed security guards is that the first ones had a lot of training to be able to carry and use a firearm and are familiar with protocol of handling dangerous situations.

How do I know if I need an armed security guard?

You need an armed guard if you are looking for the highest security level possible for your personal protection or to establish a strong security presence at your facility or event. Flint Security armed guards are highly skilled, experienced and trained in handling real world dangerous situations due to their service as law enforcement officers.

How does your driving service work? Do you have cars or do I need to provide one?

Flint Security New York offers chauffeur-quality personal armed driver service and we can use your vehicle or we can provide a luxury SUV for you. Read more about our armed driver service here.

How many armed guards do I need for an event?

The number of armed guards needed depends on the type of event and the number of attendees. As a rule, we recommend that you have one armed guard per 75 people attending your site or event at any location.

How can I make a payment for your service?

We accept cash, cashiers checks, personal checks, bankwires (Zelle) and MasterCard, Visa if you are paying at our office. We bill weekly on an hourly basis and you will receive an invoice from us.

Why is Flint Security the best choice for executive protection services in New York?

Flint Security provides armed protection only and prior law enforcement experience is a must for our guards. Our narrow specialization allows us to have better trained and prepared staff. Because we do not diversify our armed security guards are more experienced, professional and competent than our competition, which offer all types of security services to keep their businesses afloat and hire just about anyone. 

How much does Flint Security executive armed protection cost?

The rate for armed security for high profile executives and VIPs depends on many factors – the duration of service, the location, the threat level and others. We always try to work with you and find the best armed security plan that will fit in your budget.

For how long am I allowed to hire an armed security guard? Is there a minimum of hours?

At Flint Security we do not require long term commitment from our clients and there’s no minimum. It means that if you need armed protection just for a couple of hours while attending an event in Manhattan, New York, we can help you with that. You can have an armed security guard at your service for as long as you need. 

Do you have all necessary legal documents and licenses?

Yes, Flint Security is a licensed guard agency in the state of New York and we are fully insured and bonded. All our guards have concealed carry permits and hold security guard licenses.

What happens if I have a problem or an incident at my location / event / facility?

We will assign a coordinator to your account, who will be available for a call, text or email 24/7. All incidents will be documented and reported, all appropriate law enforcement agencies will be notified.

How do I know if your agency is licensed?

Flint Security LLC is licensed by New York State Department of State, Division of Licensing Services as Watch, Guard & Patrol Agency. Our ID number is: 11000218441. Our company can also be verified via the following link: https://appext20.dos.ny.gov/lcns_public/bus_name_search_frm

I need an armed driver to drive my car one way, how can we arrange that?

Absolutely! We do frequent trips to Hamptons and back to the city. Our professional and reliable former NYPD officers will safely pick you up and drive you to your destination whether it’s your vehicle or ours. Give us a call today to find out more details.

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