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Private armed guard driver

Personal armed security guards at Flint Security offer driving services in New York and the tri-state area. You might need to consider hiring an armed chauffeur if you are looking for the highest security level possible and you are commuting in the city to and from work everyday, have frequent business or family trips, or have extremely valuable packages to transport. Our clients also hire armed drivers if they are looking for a trusting and reliable driver for their children to take them to school or to extracurricular activities.

Flint Security guarantees that all our armed drivers staff:

  • have strong driving skills and a safe driving record

  • are familiar with the city and its streets and neighborhoods

  • are extremely punctual and will always show up on time

  • have highest level of confidentiality

  • are discreet, reliable and personable

  • will offer private chauffeur-quality service

  • dress and maintain professional appearance

You can trust Flint Security armed guards with your safety and protection as we only hire off-duty and retired law enforcement agents. We conduct the most rigorous background checks for our driving candidates and will never jeopardize your safety.